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Sep 21, 2023
Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization by University of Illinois (Coursera)

Online Courses by University of Illinois

This leadership certificate program is offered by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a part of their iMBA degree program. It teaches practical strategies for becoming an effective organizational leader. Participants learn the business fundamentals to effectively lead people and teams, manage organizations through organizational design, tools to analyze business situations and competition, and formulate and implement strategies both within a business and across a portfolio of businesses.

There are 7 courses in the specialization that cover the strategic, human resource, and organizational foundations for creating and capturing value for sustainable competitive advantage. The courses are:

  1. Foundations of Everyday Leadership
  2. Applications of Everyday Leadership
  3. Designing the Organization
  4. Managing the Organization
  5. Business Strategy
  6. Corporate Strategy
  7. Strategic Leadership and Management Capstone

The capstone project is a strategic leadership and management plan where learners apply the foundations of leadership to an actual business situation faced by leaders.

Key Highlights

  • Get business and leadership training from world-class faculty at University of Illinois
  • Understand how organizations are designed and managed
  • Learn to lead people and teams, manage conflict and lead change in an organization
  • Learn the skills to negotiate effectively and influence others
  • Learn how to think like a CEO, entrepreneur, or general manager
  • Understand how corporations create and capture value as multi-business enterprises
  • Understand the role of corporate governance and stakeholder management in modern companies
  • Learn to coordinate different functional areas, resources, and systems inside a company and align them with the external environment to enhance overall performance

Duration : 8 months, 3 hours per week

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