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Sep 20, 2023
Data Visualization with Tableau Certification by UCDavis (Coursera)

Online Courses by UCDavis

This Tableau training for Data Visualization has been developed by University of California in collaboration with Tableau and offered via Coursera platform. It is one of the best combinations of theory and practical training in Tableau that starts with the fundamental concepts of data visualization, and various tools that Tableau has to offer and builds from there to finally creating multi-frame data stories in Tableau.

This data Visualization training program leverages Tableau’s library of resources to teach learners the best practices for data visualization and data storytelling. It comprises of following 5 courses:

  1. Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau – This course introduces learners to data visualization and the Tableau interface. It also covers how to prepare and import data into Tableau.
  2. Essential Design Principles for Tableau – This course teaches how to analyze and apply essential design principles to your Tableau visualizations.
  3. Visual Analytics with Tableau – This course delves into the tools Tableau offers in the areas of charting, dates, table calculations and mapping.
  4. Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau – This course teaches how to create dashboards to identify the story within your data, and how to use Storypoints to create a powerful, impressive and effective story for your audience.
  5. Data Visualization with Tableau Project – This is a capstone project where learners are required to create a single-frame viz or multi-frame data story that is then shared on Tableau Public.

This is a beginner level Data Visualization using Tableau certification program, and is an excellent fit for anyone who is comfortable working with data and datasets and wants to get started with learning data visualization and tableau. No prior technical or analytical background is required to enrol in this specialization.

Key Highlights

  • Most popular Coursera Data Visualization certificate program
  • Learn to use Tableau to create high-impact visualizations of common data analyses
  • Learn to generate powerful reports and dashboards to help people make decisions and take action based on their business data
  • Explain the relationship between data analytics and data visualization
  • Examine the similarities and differences of exploratory and explanatory analysis
  • Learn to apply predicative analytics to improve business decision making
  • Understand how Tableau can use different types of geographic data, how to connect to multiple data sources and how to create custom maps
  • Learn advanced functions within Tableau, such as hierarchies, actions and parameters to guide user interactions
  • Learn with examples from real world business cases and journalistic examples from leading media companies

Duration : Approx. 6 months, 3 hours per week

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