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Sep 20, 2023
IBM’s Enterprise Design Thinking Certification Courses

Online Courses by IBM

IBM was one of the earlier embracers of Design Thinking. The company has adopted design thinking principles across all disciplines and is even offering free online design thinking courses built around its own experience. Enterprise Design Thinking is IBM’s approach to applying design thinking at the speed & scale that is needed by a modern enterprise. The company believes that it helps the teams not only form intent, but deliver innovative outcomes that improve the lives of the people they serve.

Current courses on offer range from short and specialized (a few hours) to intensive (a 3 to 6 weeks team-based lessons).

  • Practitioner – This is a 2 hours design thinking class that will give you a baseline of Enterprise Design Thinking skills: collaboration, synthesis, design research, prototyping, and storytelling.
  • Co-Creator – This is a three to six weeks series of practice based modules will help you work on methods like identifying stakeholders, creating a research plan, and testing ideas.
  • Team Essentials for AI – This course is based on IBM’s AI Essentials Framework. It teaches the framework and tools you need to recognize responsible AI design, align your team, and work with data sources to start building an AI solution.

IBM is currently offering all of their courses and toolkit activities for free. All one needs to do is create an account to get started.

Key Highlights

  • Learn to apply design thinking to complex teams, problems, and organizations
  • Understand how to drive business results by focusing on users’ needs
  • Learn to build alignments and collaboration across the teams for better results
  • Learn to create a research plan and synthesise research
  • Learn to build detailed prototypes and refine them through feedback
  • Create a shared vision with your team
  • Learn from examples in practice

Duration : Self-Paced

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