Sep 26, 2023
Become an Android Kotlin Developer Nanodegree Program (Udacity)
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Android is the world’s most used mobile platform today and Android development has now become Kotlin-first. Code written in Kotlin means much less code to type, test and maintain, which enables developers to be more concise and productive.

This Android Developer nanodegree program offered by Udacity helps learners master Android app development with Kotlin. They learn to use Android development platform best-practices, Android Studio, Android Jetpack, and Kotlin to build their own Android apps.

This Udacity Android development program has been built in collaboration with Google. The content is world-class, most up-to-date and is taught by instructors with a significant industry experience. Since, the program is built by industry and for industry, it doesn’t just teach participants a programming language but gives all the skills needed to land a job. It features five real-world hands-on projects including an advanced Android application that utilizes Google Maps to provide key location-based updates. By the end of the program, a learner is fully prepared for a career as a professional junior to mid-level Android Kotlin Developer.

This Kotlin Android development nanodegree is structured as 4 courses that take about 4 months to complete with an effort of around 10 hours per week. Since, this is an intermediate level program, it requires students to have some prior object-oriented programming language experience. Each course in the program is a good blend of theory and practice with a project at the end of the course. Following topics are covered:

  • How to build a basic user interface, handle user input and Android lifecycle events
  • How to create dynamic and navigable interfaces using constraint-based layouts
  • How to implement data persistence in your app
  • How to use APIs to connect to, store, and retrieve data
  • Best practices of material design to create a quality user experience
  • How to make an app more accessible to as many users as possible
  • How to use Android’s robust notification system
  • How to build custom views, and use canvas drawing to allow for the update of a display based on user interactions
  • How to create animations
  • How to build an app with location awareness and Google Maps
  • Best practices and techniques for testing to enable scalability and safety
  • How to use Firebase for authentication and remote storage

Key Highlights

  • Learn to build professional apps for Android using Kotlin and Android Studio
  • Create a diverse portfolio of projects to show to potential employers
  • Learn from the experts at Google
  • Get feedback on your projects from experienced reviewers
  • Get access to technical mentor support and career services
  • Flexibility to take the program at your own time and pace

Duration : 4 months, 10 hours per week

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Sep 26, 2023
Meta React Native Specialization (Coursera)

Online Courses by Meta

This React Native training program has been created by the industry-recognised experts at Meta and is available for all learners on Coursera without any prior web or app development experience requirement. It teaches how to develop, test, and maintain cross-platform mobile apps using React Native, the industry-standard framework used by the world’s largest brands.

The program comprises of 8 courses that teach learners to build and write code for apps that are hosted on Android and iOS mobile devices. Course content covers everything from creating the app to debugging it after deployment, along with designing interactive and attractive user interfaces (UIs) to ensure the best possible end-user or customer experiences.

The key topics/skills covered in this React native certification include:

  • Essential cross-platform programming concepts and the tools needed to develop apps
  • Web technologies such as HTML, CSS
  • JavaScript Programming
  • Basics of React
  • React Native
  • Code editing programs, such as Expo and Visual Studio Code
  • How you access, store, retrieve and present data within React Native applications
  • GitHub repositories for version control and content management systems (CMS)
  • Fundamentals of User Experience (UX) and UI design

With a lot of focus on applied learning, the program includes a range of practical lab-based exercises that offer opportunities to practice and implement the concepts being learnt. Participants get to enrich their portfolio with projects that demonstrate their mastery of the subject. The capstone project at the end of the program involves building a dynamic mobile app using a responsive design.

This specialization is suitable for anyone new to the field of mobile application development and looking to build a career or anyone already working as a mobile developer and looking to further advance skills by learning new concepts in this field.

Key Highlights

  • Gain the expertise to advance your career in iOS or Android app development
  • Learn the framework used by the biggest brands in the world such as Facebook, Instagram and Microsoft
  • Learn to develop reliable, scalable and user-friendly mobile apps for multiple operating systems
  • Become an expert in React Native, React, JavaScript, GitHub repositories and version control
  • Get support in job search post completion of the specialization

Duration : 8 months, 6 hours per week

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Sep 26, 2023
Android App Development Specialization by Vanderbilt University (Coursera)

Online Courses by Vanderbilt University

This Android mobile app development certification program has been developed by Vanderbilt University and is available on Coursera. It teaches learners to apply core Java programming language features & software patterns to build maintainable mobile apps comprising of core Android components. Students also learn the fundamental Java I/O & persistence mechanisms.

This specialization is suitable for those who are beginners to programming or those switching to Java and/or Android for the first time. During the course of the program learners explore and practice standard Android Studio development tools, such as the debugger, resource editor, & logging mechanisms, along with popular source code versioning & unit testing tools.

The program is structured as 5 courses that include video lectures, quizzes and assignments. Throughout the program learners work on a variety of hands-on projects. They write solutions to programming assignments that reinforce the material covered in the lecture videos. Also, there is a Capstone project where learners are required to create an Android app by applying knowledge and skills learned in the program. The five courses cover the following topics:

  • Core features of Java programming language
  • Android app components, such as intents, activities, and broadcast receivers
  • Concurrency frameworks
  • How to use Git source code management system
  • Bound services, local inter-process communication (IPC), and content providers
  • Methods for engineering maintainable Android apps, including test-driven development methods

Key Highlights

  • Master the knowledge and skills necessary to develop maintainable mobile computing apps
  • Learn to develop or run automated testing frameworks for Android
  • Learn to successfully apply common Java/Android software patterns to improve the extensibility and clarity of Android apps
  • Earn a shareable certificate upon completion of the program
  • Flexible timelines that allow learning to fit your work or personal schedule

Duration : 5 months, 4 hours per week

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Sep 26, 2023
Meta iOS Developer Professional Certificate (Coursera)

Online Courses by Meta

This iOS App Development Certification from Meta is available on Coursera and aims to deliver skills required for an entry-level career as an iOS developer. It teaches how to create protocols in Swift, build a UI for an application, and develop your own apps for iOS devices from scratch.

The program is organized as a series of 12 courses that focus on applied learning. Each of these courses includes hands-on activities around implementation of concepts taught. These culminate with a capstone project to build a native iOS mobile app that can be published and sold on Apple store.

The courses in the certificate program cover the following topics:

  • Essential iOS programming concepts and the tools needed to develop iOS applications
  • How to use Swift playground and write code in Swift
  • How to use Git for version control
  • Learn the principles of UX/UI design and best practices
  • How to build meaningful and functional user interfaces for iOS using Swift and UI frameworks
  • Advanced programming concepts in Swift and SwiftUI
  • Working with integrations like web frameworks, tools and asynchronous programming techniques
  • Build cross-platform mobile applications
  • Fundamental concepts of React and React Native
  • Gain experience with various tools and software such as SwiftUI and MVC architecture, XCode, APIs, Core Data, iOS development tools and environments, Geolocation software, Application design and development libraries

The program is best suited for beginners looking to get hired at entry-level positions. It is also a great choice for professionals looking to get a raise or switch positions in their current job. Since, the program is fully online, learners can pace it to suit their schedules and timelines and location constraints.

Key Highlights

  • Gain skills to launch career as an iOS app developer
  • No prior experience in web development needed to enrol for the program
  • Create a portfolio with projects that showcase ability to publish, deploy and maintain iOS apps as well as cross-platform apps using React Native
  • Prepare for technical job interviews and learn best problem-solving approaches
  • Get access to a consortium of 200+ employers looking to hire talent through Meta’s certificate programs
  • Earn a career credential from Meta, recognized by hiring managers and companies worldwide

Duration : 8 months, 7 hours per week

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Sep 26, 2023
Meta Android Developer Professional Certificate (Coursera)

Online Courses by Meta

This Professional Certificate program from Meta imparts the learners necessary skills to build applications for Android devices and Google Play store. It covers top Android programming languages and frameworks used for building apps like Facebook and Instagram.

This Android development certificate is specifically designed to help learners get a job, rather than being just informational. To that end, it takes a very hands-on approach that allows learners to build a project-based portfolio to showcase to recruiters. The program comprises of 12 courses, with each course involving lab-based activities and applications where students are required to complete tasks such as designing a UI or editing layouts.

The program content covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Android Studio and essential concepts of Android mobile app development
  • Different version control systems and how to create an effective software development workflow
  • How to use Android Kotlin Playground
  • Fundamentals of User Experience (UX) research and design
  • Create user interfaces (UI) for mobile apps using Android Studio
  • Advanced programming concepts in Kotlin
  • How to work with web technologies and persistent data on Android applications
  • Best practices for designing the UI and experience for mobile applications
  • Create cross-platform applications using React Native
  • Gain experience with different tools and software including React.js, JSX, React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and VSCode
  • Capstone project that involves creating a native Android mobile app

This Android application development certificate is ideal for those looking to land a first entry-level job or those who want to transition into app development career. Upon completing the certificate, learners get access to an exclusive job-board where they can connect with over 200 employers who in partnership with Meta offer jobs to candidates with these Meta certificate programs under their belt. They can easily pitch for roles of an android app developer or a multi-platform mobile app developer.

Though the suggested timeline for the certificate program is around 8 months with part-time effort of 7 hours a week, it can easily be completed in less than 3 months with more dedicated effort.

Key Highlights

  • Learn how to create your own Android application including how to build and manage the lifecycle of a mobile app using Android Studio
  • Learn coding in Kotlin and the programming fundamentals to be able to create the user interface (UI) and best practices for design
  • Beginner-friendly program that is 100% online allowing flexibility to fit in one’s learning schedule
  • Prepare for technical interviews for Android developer roles
  • Earn a shareable certificate that can be posted on LinkedIn profile

Duration : 8 months, 7 hours per week

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Sep 25, 2023
Psychology Certifications & Classes Online (Coursera)

Coursera Online Courses

Whether your goal is to learn psychology for career or for gaining knowledge for your personal awareness about mental health, Coursera is a great platform to achieve these goals. Here you can find many Psychology courses and classes offered by top ranking universities across the globe. There is a collection of courses in positive psychology, social psychology, child psychology, neuroscience, organization psychology, mental health and wellness and more.

While the courses on Coursera provide the same curriculum and instruction as their on-campus versions, you access them for free or a significantly lower cost. Most of the courses offered are free to audit meaning that you can access the content and videos lectures of the course for free. But if you want a certificate for the course or want access to graded assignments, you will need to pay a small fee.

Some of the popular Coursera Psychology certificates include Introduction to Psychology by Yale University, Positive Psychology by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, A life of Happiness and Fulfillment by Indian School of Business etc.

You can also take free Psychology courses in parenting, addiction treatment, mindfulnesss and success.

Duration : Self-Paced

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