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Sep 20, 2023
UX Designer Nanodegree Program (Udacity)

This UX Designer Nanodegree program teaches UX fundamentals, and how to conduct design research. When you complete the program you’ll be adept at journeying from concepts to low fidelity prototypes and from prototypes to high fidelity UX designs. It is ideal for learners with some experience in graphic design, who want to build UX skills for app and web design. You will also learn the principles of interaction theory and how to create more user-friendly structures.

The program is organized into 3 modules that teach everything from visual design basics to UX design concepts, to how to convert low-fi sketches into high-fi interactive designs using Figma that are ready for engineering handoff. These modules are followed by a capstone project, for which you’ll build a case study that can be incorporated in a UX design portfolio. The projects will give you real world UX design experience and showcase your skills to research, design, and prototype effective and visually-appealing applications and websites.

Key Highlights

  • Learn the core principles of human-centered design and how to appropriately scope a design problem
  • Learn the design research fundamentals to identify the user and the solutions they need
  • Learn the process of a design sprint, and how to translate findings from research into a prototype that can be tested with users
  • Learn advanced user interface principles to build interactive and impactful designs
  • Learn how to improve design and user experiences based on engagement data
  • Work on real world projects created by industry experts
  • Get technical mentor support and access to career services

Duration : 3 months, 10 hours per week
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