Online Publisher

IDGLANZ is an online publication platform looking for a shared ground between theory and practice of Online Learning. In attempt to do this, we invite those whom enthusiasts to share their work and thoughts with us.

Publisher as IDGLANZ is an individual that promotes merchant’s products or services on this websites, blogs or social media pages to earn rewards. IDGLANZ will be rewarded when a visitor of their websites clicks an affiliate link (e.g. a banner, logo or text link), visits merchant’s website and performs a desired action on the merchant’s website.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketer like IDGLANZ doing a performance-based marketing focused on CPA (Cost per Action) model where the merchant pays to publishers and affiliate marketing network for the desired “Action” accquired by publishers’ marketing efforts. An “Action” can be a sale of online goods or service, a lead such as user registration, a call, a download or any other desired customer actions which are trackable.

Content Creator

Content creators as IDGLANZ professionals use writing, graphic design, visual storytelling or a combination of these disciplines to make any topic relatable and interesting to the consumer or audience. IDGLANZ produces relevant content monthly, weekly and even daily.


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