Website creation is a very strong and profitable niche in digital marketing. It is also the most competitive when compared to other markets. It’s very easy to start a free website that generates income as long as you know what you’re doing.

Creating a website is only half the battle. You need to create an audience and convert them into subscribers. You can do this in many ways, but if you can’t convince your audience that you are worth their time, you’ll never have a chance.

Your website should be the first impression of you to your audience. Make sure you design it in a way that appeals to people who would like to read more about your business. This is a huge part of creating a quality website, and you can do a lot to improve your website’s conversion rate.

Types of websites builders

There are various tools that can help you create websites. We would be looking at three very import ones; WordPress, Weebly and Shopify


You can create your own WordPress site with a few clicks. The process is really straightforward and can be done using your phone’s computer. The only thing you have to do is to add the new website.

If you are using a PC you just have to install the website on your computer and then copy the files to your new website. This is the process on a Mac but the process is also the same. When you copy the files you also have to change your domain name. If you are not using your own domain name then you have to change it to the domain name that you want to use.  If you are using the domain name that you have paid for you can copy the files to the new site.


You can use Weebly to build websites and to publish your own. Weebly comes with everything you need, and we have plenty more in the works that will be released in the future. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Create a Weebly account
     If you don’t already have one, you can create one for free. Weebly provides a free service that helps you create and share your projects with others.
  • Upload your content
    Create a Weebly profile and upload your content, including a photo and the URL to your website.
  • Choose a theme
    Create a Weebly portfolio page and upload your portfolio.
  • Create a blog and start posting
    If you are a blogger, create a Weebly blog and start posting your own blog content.


In this section, we’re going to cover how to set up Shopify to create and publish your first online store.

Step 1: Register your domain

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You’re going to be registering your domain name in Shopify. This is necessary for the rest of the setup.

Go to the Shopify settings and enter your domain name.

Step 2: Setup your Shopify store

Once you’ve entered your domain name, you can click ‘Save and continue’. In Shopify, you’ll see a list of all your products and products that you have published. Click on the one you want to use.

There are many options and features

Domain and Hosting

Domain and hosting are very important processes in creating websites. But what do they mean?

Domain – The domain of a site is your own personal identifier, it is used for all sorts of things like hosting your own site, adding other domains to your site, etc.

Hosting – The server the web page is hosted on. It is what hosts the site and all of its resources and includes some other details about how the server is configured.

What is SSL?

SSL is a protocol that encrypts information to secure it. When a web server receives your HTTP requests it has to first verify the certificate on your browser. Once verified, the web server can send the data on.

You have 3 options to configure your browser to connect to an SSL server:

  • Use the SSL Browser extension. This allows you to select a server with the certificate and key you want to use.
  • Install the OpenSSL extension. OpenSSL enables you to create, store and verify certificates.
  • Install the Mozilla Application Security Module. This is a self-signed certificate so you can’t use it for anything, but it is available to most browsers. You can use it to use your own self-signed certificate to connect to an SSL server if you want.

Content Creation

Content creation is a major component of website creation. Content creation helps create a strong relationship with your audience, and provides the chance to connect with them through a more personal level.

For example, when you post content on a popular website, your audience will find it useful and engage with it. Your content will get shared with friends, and you’ll get new customers. However, when you create your own website, you’ll have to make more difficult decisions about your content.

The first thing that comes to mind are questions such as:

  • Is this content valuable?
  • Is it helpful for my target audience?