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Sep 26, 2023
Android App Development Specialization by Vanderbilt University (Coursera)

Online Courses by Vanderbilt University

This Android mobile app development certification program has been developed by Vanderbilt University and is available on Coursera. It teaches learners to apply core Java programming language features & software patterns to build maintainable mobile apps comprising of core Android components. Students also learn the fundamental Java I/O & persistence mechanisms.

This specialization is suitable for those who are beginners to programming or those switching to Java and/or Android for the first time. During the course of the program learners explore and practice standard Android Studio development tools, such as the debugger, resource editor, & logging mechanisms, along with popular source code versioning & unit testing tools.

The program is structured as 5 courses that include video lectures, quizzes and assignments. Throughout the program learners work on a variety of hands-on projects. They write solutions to programming assignments that reinforce the material covered in the lecture videos. Also, there is a Capstone project where learners are required to create an Android app by applying knowledge and skills learned in the program. The five courses cover the following topics:

  • Core features of Java programming language
  • Android app components, such as intents, activities, and broadcast receivers
  • Concurrency frameworks
  • How to use Git source code management system
  • Bound services, local inter-process communication (IPC), and content providers
  • Methods for engineering maintainable Android apps, including test-driven development methods

Key Highlights

  • Master the knowledge and skills necessary to develop maintainable mobile computing apps
  • Learn to develop or run automated testing frameworks for Android
  • Learn to successfully apply common Java/Android software patterns to improve the extensibility and clarity of Android apps
  • Earn a shareable certificate upon completion of the program
  • Flexible timelines that allow learning to fit your work or personal schedule

Duration : 5 months, 4 hours per week

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