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Sep 26, 2023
Meta iOS Developer Professional Certificate (Coursera)

Online Courses by Meta

This iOS App Development Certification from Meta is available on Coursera and aims to deliver skills required for an entry-level career as an iOS developer. It teaches how to create protocols in Swift, build a UI for an application, and develop your own apps for iOS devices from scratch.

The program is organized as a series of 12 courses that focus on applied learning. Each of these courses includes hands-on activities around implementation of concepts taught. These culminate with a capstone project to build a native iOS mobile app that can be published and sold on Apple store.

The courses in the certificate program cover the following topics:

  • Essential iOS programming concepts and the tools needed to develop iOS applications
  • How to use Swift playground and write code in Swift
  • How to use Git for version control
  • Learn the principles of UX/UI design and best practices
  • How to build meaningful and functional user interfaces for iOS using Swift and UI frameworks
  • Advanced programming concepts in Swift and SwiftUI
  • Working with integrations like web frameworks, tools and asynchronous programming techniques
  • Build cross-platform mobile applications
  • Fundamental concepts of React and React Native
  • Gain experience with various tools and software such as SwiftUI and MVC architecture, XCode, APIs, Core Data, iOS development tools and environments, Geolocation software, Application design and development libraries

The program is best suited for beginners looking to get hired at entry-level positions. It is also a great choice for professionals looking to get a raise or switch positions in their current job. Since, the program is fully online, learners can pace it to suit their schedules and timelines and location constraints.

Key Highlights

  • Gain skills to launch career as an iOS app developer
  • No prior experience in web development needed to enrol for the program
  • Create a portfolio with projects that showcase ability to publish, deploy and maintain iOS apps as well as cross-platform apps using React Native
  • Prepare for technical job interviews and learn best problem-solving approaches
  • Get access to a consortium of 200+ employers looking to hire talent through Meta’s certificate programs
  • Earn a career credential from Meta, recognized by hiring managers and companies worldwide

Duration : 8 months, 7 hours per week

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