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Sep 26, 2023
Meta Android Developer Professional Certificate (Coursera)

Online Courses by Meta

This Professional Certificate program from Meta imparts the learners necessary skills to build applications for Android devices and Google Play store. It covers top Android programming languages and frameworks used for building apps like Facebook and Instagram.

This Android development certificate is specifically designed to help learners get a job, rather than being just informational. To that end, it takes a very hands-on approach that allows learners to build a project-based portfolio to showcase to recruiters. The program comprises of 12 courses, with each course involving lab-based activities and applications where students are required to complete tasks such as designing a UI or editing layouts.

The program content covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Android Studio and essential concepts of Android mobile app development
  • Different version control systems and how to create an effective software development workflow
  • How to use Android Kotlin Playground
  • Fundamentals of User Experience (UX) research and design
  • Create user interfaces (UI) for mobile apps using Android Studio
  • Advanced programming concepts in Kotlin
  • How to work with web technologies and persistent data on Android applications
  • Best practices for designing the UI and experience for mobile applications
  • Create cross-platform applications using React Native
  • Gain experience with different tools and software including React.js, JSX, React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and VSCode
  • Capstone project that involves creating a native Android mobile app

This Android application development certificate is ideal for those looking to land a first entry-level job or those who want to transition into app development career. Upon completing the certificate, learners get access to an exclusive job-board where they can connect with over 200 employers who in partnership with Meta offer jobs to candidates with these Meta certificate programs under their belt. They can easily pitch for roles of an android app developer or a multi-platform mobile app developer.

Though the suggested timeline for the certificate program is around 8 months with part-time effort of 7 hours a week, it can easily be completed in less than 3 months with more dedicated effort.

Key Highlights

  • Learn how to create your own Android application including how to build and manage the lifecycle of a mobile app using Android Studio
  • Learn coding in Kotlin and the programming fundamentals to be able to create the user interface (UI) and best practices for design
  • Beginner-friendly program that is 100% online allowing flexibility to fit in one’s learning schedule
  • Prepare for technical interviews for Android developer roles
  • Earn a shareable certificate that can be posted on LinkedIn profile

Duration : 8 months, 7 hours per week

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