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Sep 20, 2023
IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate (Coursera)

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This is another popular certificate course in artificial intelligence from IBM. It has been designed to impart the skills and tools necessary for starting a career as an AI or ML Engineer. It is suitable for existing professionals such as AI developers and data scientists who want to level up with machine learning and deep learning skills, as well as students looking to enter the workforce with highly in-demand AI and ML skills.

The program comprises of six self-paced courses that provide learners with a complete understanding of machine learning and deep learning concepts and how to apply them to real world projects. It covers the following topics:

  • Develop foundational skills in Machine Learning, and implement supervised and unsupervised machine learning models using Python libraries such as SciPy and ScikitLearn
  • Scale machine learning on Big Data using Apache Spark
  • Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks
  • Discussion of autoencoders, restricted Boltzmann machines, convolutional networks, recursive neural networks and recurrent networks
  • Building deep learning models and networks using Keras library
  • Using PyTorch library for learning and building deep neural networks
  • Working with Tensorflow to develop, tune and deploy deep learning models
  • Capstone Project to apply deep learning skills and demonstrate ability to solve real world problems

This IBM AI certificate program takes a very practical and hands-on approach to AI Engineering. All courses have hands-on labs and projects including use cases and real world applications of AI.

This is an intermediate level program and requires prior knowledge and background in certain areas like high school level mathematics, Python programming and using Jupyter notebooks. In addition to these, knowledge of SQL, statistical analysis and some linear algebra are also very helpful. For learners who do not have foundational data science or AI skills, IBM recommends that they first take IBM Applied AI professional certificate or IBM Data Science professional certificate course, before starting this program.

Key Highlights

  • Curriculum designed by a panel of top IBM experts in the field
  • Understand machine learning algorithms including classification, regression, clustering, and dimensional reduction
  • Deploy machine learning algorithms and pipelines on Apache Spark
  • Explain foundational TensorFlow concepts like main functions, operations & execution pipelines
  • Determine what kind of deep learning method to use in which situation and build a deep learning model to solve a real problem
  • Be able to build, train, and deploy different types of deep architectures
  • Demonstrate ability to present and communicate outcomes of deep learning projects
  • Option to audit all courses at no charge; verified certificate and IBM badge can be earned at a low monthly fee

Duration : 3-4 months, 12 hours per week

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