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Sep 22, 2023
Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel by Rice University (Coursera)

Online Courses by Rice University

This is an introductory course in the use of Excel and is a part of the Business Statistics and Analysis Specialization by Rice University. It has been designed for two kinds of learners – those who have a basic functional knowledge of Excel and those who use Excel regularly and wish to improve their knowhow. This Excel training consists of 4 modules that progressively take you from learning basic operations (such as reading data into Excel using various data formats, editing and organizing data etc.) to more advanced functionality (such as Pivot Tables, Charts and Graphs etc.).

The instructor Sharad Borle has structured the course very well and uses easy to understand examples that make learners understand everything quickly and be able to apply them in real life scenarios. There are plenty of quizzes and assignments in the course which will require access to Windows Microsoft Excel 2010 or later to complete.

The details of course modules are as follows:
1. Module 1: Introduction to Spreadsheets – Introduction to Excel spreadsheets and basic data functions and formulas
2. Module 2: Spreadsheet Functions to Organize Data – Introduction to Excel functions to organise and query data, like, IF, nested IF, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and RANDBETWEEN
3. Module 3: Introduction to Filtering, Pivot Tables, and Charts – Introduction to data filtering capabilities of Excel and Pivot Tables
4. Module 4: Advanced Graphing and Charting – Introduction to advanced graphing and charting techniques available in Excel

Key Highlights

  • Learn to use formulas in Excel using absolute and relative referencing
  • Learn to use Pivot Tables with categorical as well as numerical data
  • Understand various line, bar and pie charts and get to build them on your own
  • Understand Pivot Charts, Scatter Plots and Histograms
  • Prepares learners for more advance topics in Business Statistics

Duration : 4 weeks, 1-2 hours per week

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