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Sep 20, 2023
Udacity Data Visualization Nanodegree Certification (Udacity)

Udacity Online Courses

This Data Visualization program offered by Udacity is a world-class, cutting edge training program to build data visualization and communication skills. Udacity has collaborated with Tableau, the most popular data visualization tool, along with an excellent group of industry professionals with extensive experience to create curriculum that focuses on most in-demand skills. The program teaches learners to create clear and impactful data visualizations and use their analysis to make data-driven recommendations.

A lot of focus of this Data Visualization certification program is on building storytelling skills. Since, stories offer a powerful way to draw in the audience, make sense of the data and help businesses make better decisions, this program teaches learners how to weave data into stories and visuals using various tools and techniques. Two data visualization platforms Tableau and Flourish are covered in the program.

The program comprises of four courses that cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Data Visualization
  • How to select the most appropriate data visualization for an analysis
  • How to create interactive and engaging Tableau dashboards
  • Design and create a dashboard in an enterprise environment
  • End to end process for Data Storytelling
  • Advanced data visualization and storytelling techniques
  • How to add interactivity and other visual elements to a story
  • How to add animation and narration with Tableau Pages and Flourish

Throughout the program, students build a portfolio of high-quality projects to showcase the data visualization and storytelling skills that they learn.

This program is an excellent fit for people with data background who wish to maximize the impact of their analyses or those with business background who want to persuade others to make more data driven decisions. It requires students to have basic skills in data analysis including spreadsheets and descriptive statistics.

Key Highlights

  • Learn to combine the power of data analysis and storytelling to create impactful narratives with data
  • Build interactive dashboards with Tableau
  • Learn to incorporate advanced animation and narration into your stories
  • Hands-on projects involving creating multiple types of Dashboards like Static Dashboard, Dynamic Dashboard, and Animated Dashboard
  • Learn the Flourish Studio’s Talkie feature that allows you to add narrative audio to accompany your data story
  • Access to a 1-on-1 technical mentor to answer questions, review work, and provide guidance
  • Access to student community for network and support
  • Access to a personal career coach and career services

Duration : 4 months, 5-10 hours per week

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