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Mar 3, 2023
Customise The Footer Information
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Have you noticed the footer in your website? You can edit it to include all the information that you want. Here’s how to edit the footer text in the Sparkling theme. If you have other themes, you might need to do research by yourself on how to remove the footer copyright information. All you need to do is simply Google!

If you take a look at the bottom part of your website page, you will see ‘Theme By Colorlib’ and ‘Powered By WordPress’. This is a default when you install the Sparkling theme. However, you will find different information for different themes.

This shows who the theme creator is. Sometimes, you can change this by the custom settings and there might be options to do so in Sparkling Options. If you click the Footer, you will find the Copyright text in the footer box. For example, if you type ‘Copyright 2017’, it will only add up beside the footer texts we have seen from the first time.

How to get rid of the theme creator promoting text?

Just like the information given in the beginning, you might need to do a little research because different themes have different ways. For example, let’s Google search ‘How to remove the footer copyright info for Sparkling theme’.

Most of the modern themes now will have their own forum where people ask questions and discuss many things about the theme. Highly likely, you will find the solution for your problem as someone might have faced it already.

They also would have come up with the CSS that you can copy and paste easily.

Copy the copyright information CSS and go back to your Settings. Go to Other and paste it. Now the footer text will be gone!

Moving on to the text that you may want to add to your footer.

Go to the Widgets menu, click the Footer Widget menus and you can add your text here.

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Click Add a Widget and choose Text. Type what you want on the Content text box. Now at the bottom of the page, you will see the new footer text! Click Save & Publish.

If you want multiple columns of widgets, you can add Categories and drag it to Footer Widget 2. Now, if you go to your website page, you will find the categories just beside the first footer text.

So, that’s how you add copyright information or change your footer in Sparkling theme. If you have a different theme, you need to do a little research by yourself, but it will most likely be as easy as this.


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