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Mar 3, 2023
How to Add Videos to a Post or Page
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A blog post is usually full of text with images. You can make it more interesting by adding videos. Here’s how you can add YouTube videos to your posts.

Open your WordPress page and go to the Edit post button on the left side bar. Now, you will see the Post editor.

Before we begin, go to the YouTube video you want to add to your post. Click the Share button and click Embed. You will see a standard embed code. If you have a specific size you want, you can change the size of the video in the embed code. Type in the width and height in the code.

Scroll down and you will see Embed options. You can choose to Show suggested videos.

You should also check the box below that says Enable privacy-enhanced mode.

Once you are done, copy the embed code and paste it on your post. However, you would not be able to see the video appearing as the mode is different. To fix this, go to the settings on the right side bar and click on Text editor and not the Visual editor. You will see the codes of your posts. Scroll to where you want the video to appear and paste the embed code.

When you click on the Visual editor, you will see that the HTML code shows up as the video. You may notice that the video was cut up because it is too large.

You can go to the YouTube page and change the size in the embed code. Copy and paste the code in the Text editor on your page. Or, you can also go to your Text editor, find the embed code for the video and type in a smaller size for the width and height.

This is how you can add a video into your post to make it interesting.


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