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Sep 22, 2023
Social Media Marketing Specialization by NorthWestern (Coursera)

Online Courses by NorthWestern

The Social Media Marketing Certification offered by NorthWestern on Coursera is designed to teach learners how to develop, deploy, measure and monetize social media marketing programs. Participants gain the expertise and tools they need to become an expert in the social markets. They learn to expand their online audience, manage their social strategies effectively and establish a social brand.
The program is made of up five courses that primarily focus on 2 objectives. First is to provide the learners with right social analytics tools, and training to help them become influencers on social media. Second is to give them the knowledge and resources to build a complete social media marketing strategy – from consumer insights to final justification metrics. The program culminates with a capstone project. The participants can complete the courses and project on their own schedule.

The courses are extremely hands-on and include interactive quizzes, graded assignments, exercises and practice exams. Upon enrolling students receive access to social marketing toolkits containing items like advanced marketing and analytics tools, that are critical in developing successful social strategy.

The specialization is led by Professor Randy Hlavac who is an expert instructor of Digital, Social and Mobile Marketing and Content Curation and Digital Marketing at Northwestern University for over 20 years. He has authored the book Social IMC: Social Strategies with Bottom-Line ROI.

One does not need to have any marketing background to enrol for this specialization. It is suitable for all professionals who would benefit from a more effective social marketing strategy, be it entrepreneurs, executives, marketing professionals or business leaders.

Key Highlights

  • Understand how to leverage a variety of social media platforms, including blogs, social networks, private virtual communities, passion sites, and video sites, to achieve business and organizational goals
  • Learn social media growth and promotion strategies that are trackable and monetizable
  • Learn to identify influencers and experts within a social community, develop targeted strategies and content to engage those communities
  • Learn to track the success of your strategies and campaigns through social monitoring and real-time analytics
  • Conversations with experts in fields such as data analytics, infograpics, gamification, blogging, and content marketing
  • Specialization is updated every quarter to ensure that participants receive the most up-to-date training
  • Option to audit the course for free and get access to all the instructional content for own self-directed learning

Duration : 5 months, 2-4 hours per week

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