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Jul 4, 2022
What Is Digital Transformation?
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Digital transformation is a process of streamlining workflows and achieving business continuity using digital technology.

Digital transformation is often confused with digitization and digitalization. Hence, the need to clarify these terms:

  • Digitization is a process of converting information from analog to digital. For example, converting physical documents into digital files.
  • Digital transformation is a sequence of steps that increases customer satisfaction. By implementing a digital transformation strategy, a company can change its internal operations to online and minimize in-person customer interactions.
  • Digitalization implies making your data instantly accessible from anywhere, on any digital device.

The Advantages Of Digitally Transforming Your Workplace

Digital transformation brings several benefits to your organization, and implementing it correctly can be the key to success for your business.

The benefits of digital transformation

When done correctly, digital transformation can bring about these three main advantages:

  • Streamline internal business processes. Save time and let your employees focus on more creative tasks. Using digital technology allows for speeding up time-consuming workflows and document turnaround time.
  • Improve customer experience. Digital transformation allows for an increase in customer satisfaction. Proceed orders faster, give instant feedback to your clients, send reminders, etc.
  • Boost efficiency and increase revenue. Simplify routine tasks, such as collecting customer and employee data and managing requests. Automate paper-based workflows to increase the efficiency of your organization. All this helps you with reaching your business goals.

Not to mention digitally transforming your workflows brings your company one step closer to becoming a paperless office.

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