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Mar 3, 2023
Google AdWords
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Google AdWords is one of the most popular forms of advertising for the Internet. It allows you to advertise directly on search engine results pages, including on search results pages for your own brand name and company name. It also allows advertisers to place ads on third-party sites for their own brand name and company name.

The goal of Google AdWords is to increase the visibility of your brand name and company name, in search results pages on the Internet, by providing search traffic. The number of people who have an interest in your brand or company name is the measure of your brand or company’s success.

Your brand is your product or service. Search engines understand your brand better than anyone. Google AdWords is the best, if you have a Google AdWords account, you can make a lot of money with this. If you don’t have a Google AdWords account, you need to sign up for a Google AdWords account to make money with ads. You need to be logged in to your Google account, otherwise, your ad will not work.

Understanding the Importance of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still the most effective marketing method to increase sales and keep your customers engaged. If you aren’t using email, you are missing a huge opportunity to increase your sales and keep your customers engaged. When you’re using a platform like WordPress, you can integrate your email marketing seamlessly into your marketing strategy.

The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of email that you want to use. Are you going to send out an email to all of your email subscribers every week, or only certain email subscribers? Is it going to be a newsletter, or an alert?

This is a big decision, because it affects the number of subscribers that you want, the content that you want to send, and how often you want to send it. So, before you begin, you should read the email newsletter marketing article that I wrote earlier in this series and understand what you need to know before you begin.

How to Craft Email for Higher Inbox

1. Don’t Overdo It!
We all know the temptation to over-email. But, this makes your inbox look like a pile of emails that you’ve thrown out years ago. There’s just no need to over-do it.

2. Give People Time
Your goal should be to respond to only what someone truly wants to talk to you about. If someone sends you a note asking you to do something, they’re probably not the type of person who’s looking for you. So, take that opportunity to get back to them about what you could be doing that would lead to a better conversation.

3. Be Nice
Be nice! It’s the least you can do.

4. Create a Conversation
It’s your responsibility to create a conversation with the person you’re writing to.

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How to Increase Open Rate of Email

Think about this:

More than 20% of marketing emails never make it to a subscriber’s inbox. That’s more than one in five emails! Of course, just like open rate, average deliverability rates differ by region.

For example, only 66% of emails reach a reader’s inbox in Asia compared to 86% in Europe.

This makes a huge difference to your email open rates! So, how can you make sure your emails are delivered to your readers?

    Here are a few tips on how you can increase delivery rates:

  • Use double opt-in
    Double opt-in means that the subscriber will verify that she wants to receive emails from your business (although this not a requirement under GDPR). You don’t want to send emails to people who don’t particularly care about them; otherwise, they will not read them and lower your open rates.
    Ask your readers to add you to their trusted address book. By simply asking your readers to add the “from” email address to their contact lists, you can increase the number of emails delivered.
  • Cleanse your email list.
    If a subscriber does not open an email from you three times in a row, the chances are that she is no longer interested in your company. Gmail and Yahoo Mail are smart enough to understand this so if you continue to send emails to subscribers who do not open them, they might be directed to the spam folder, so consider cleansing your list (like JD Whetherspoon did before GDPR).

The more emails that are delivered to your audience, the better chance you have of getting more people to open them.

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