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Sep 25, 2023
Learn Chinese: HSK Test Preparation by Peking University (Coursera)

Online Courses by Peking University

This Learn Chinese specialization by Peking University offers a step-by-step guide to learning Chinese. It is one of the best training programs to pass the HSK (1-3), which is the most important Chinese proficiency test.

The specialization intends to help learners gain the skills to understand and use simple Chinese phrases which meet needs for communication and gain ability to further their Chinese language studies. It introduces them to everyday language and includes activities to practice all four language skills of reading, writing, conversation and comprehension.

The four courses in the specialization are as follows:

  • Chinese for HSK 1 – It imparts knowledge of using Chinese in everyday life and covers more than 150 commonly used words and about 50 key grammar points.
  • Chinese for HSK 2 – It imparts knowledge related to expressing your views towards some simple and common daily life topics and covers more than 150 new words and about 62 new grammar points with relevant pictures and examples.
  • Chinese for HSK 3 Part I – It covers more than 300 new words on the basis of HSK1c and HSK2 and more than 60 new grammar points.
  • Chinese for HSK 3 Part II – In this course students learn about HSK level 3 test, its requirements and become familiar with types of questions asked. It reviews the word learnt previously in 3 courses and includes a lot of practices and sample tests.

By the end of the program, learners gain knowledge about Chinese culture and basic Chinese characters and are able to communicate in Chinese at a basic level in their daily, academic and professional lives.

Key Highlights

  • Improve your Chinese language skills effectively and systematically
  • Ace HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) for levels one, two or three
  • Have a practical grasp of Chinese to allow you to converse confidently in Chinese
  • Includes plethora of exercises, practices and HSK test papers

Duration : 7 months, 6 hours per week

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