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Mar 3, 2023
Add A Facebook Like Widget To The Sidebar
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Adding text to the sidebar, check. Beautify it by adding images, check. Now you need to add your Facebook page on it along with the Like button.

Basically, you need to use a plug-in to get a Facebook like widget to the sidebar by using a plug-in named JetPack.

If you are using BlueHost as your hosting, you will get the JetPack installed on your WordPress. But if you don’t, go to the left side bar menu and find Plugins and click Add New. Find the JetPack by The plug-in may pop out on the first page because it is a popular plug-in and is used by many websites. But if it doesn’t appear on the first page, just search for it and simply install it by clicking Install Now.

Now if you click on Installed Plugins, you can see that JetPack by is already activated and it requires you to connect the plug-in to WordPress. Simply click the button and connect to a account. You have to sign up for a WordPress account. Once you’ve signed up, you will be provided with four different package offers. Choose the free one!

After dealing with the sign-ups, go to Appearance on the left side bar menu and click Widgets. You will find that JetPack provides many plug-ins on the left side of the page. Find the Facebook Page Plug-in and drag it to your sidebar.

After you drag it, you will immediately find the Facebook Page URL column. Type in your facebook page URL or just copy and paste the URL.

You can configure many things here: Show Faces to either show the faces of those who’ve liked your page, Show Stream to show the page posts, and Show Cover Photo.

Click Save to see the result! If you turn them all off, you can only see your Facebook page and the Like Page button and Learn More button.

This might be a good idea if you are concerned about peoples’ privacy, even though their profile pictures and display names are shown for the public. If your page is still growing, you might want to show the faces to make it more dynamic-looking.

This is the easiest way to add the Facebook plug-in to your sidebar!

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1. Where can you download the JetPack plug-in if you don’t have one?

2. What are the options you can configure on the Facebook page widgets?

3. Is it important to hide your Facebook page likers’ faces? Why?

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