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Mar 3, 2023
How to Edit Site Identity, Colours, Icon & More
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If you already have a website on WordPress, you should always keep it fresh and update it regularly. This lesson will help you to manage your website. Let’s go!

Right after you open the page of your personal website which is already published and available for your viewers, you will see the Customise option on the sidebar. This menu is one of the new tools WordPress added several years ago. Hence, it is still quite fresh, and maybe some of you are not familiar with it.

After you click on it, you will see some Stylistic options appearing. This depends on the theme you picked for your page. The Stylistic options will differ according to the themes. For example, if you choose a ‘Sparkling theme’ option, you will see some additional options and the first one is the ‘Site identity’. You can change the title and the tagline of your website.

Now, what is the difference between the title and the tagline?

The title is going to be the header of your page, the big picture of what your page is all about and will appear on Google when people search for your website. Meanwhile, the tagline is an explanation about your page and what you are offering to your viewers.

Next, you can also add a Favicon for your website. You can add a favourite image to represent your website such as a logo and it will appear alongside your URL if someone bookmarks your page. If you are using the ‘Sparkling theme’, the option to add Favicon will be below the title and tagline menu. All you have to do is upload an image into your library, crop into the right size, and click preview. Save and your Favicon is all set!

Moving on to colours. You can change text colours or images on your website. Take note that it differs from one theme to another.

Let’s talk about Additional CSS. This is basically a code, like a programming language that you can add to tell the website what to do. Although this might be easier for someone who is familiar with coding or programming language, the version on WordPress has been simplified to make it easy for everyone.

You will need to find a ready-to-use programming language. A simple Google search will give you the results. If you are using the ‘Sparkling theme’, you just need to type “How to remove page title for Sparkling WordPress theme” to get the CSS code. Copy the coding and paste it onto the Additional CSS menu. Once you are done, click the preview to check.

The coding differs according to the theme but mostly the basic editing coding is pretty much the same.

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Let’s talk about changing the colours. For some options, the theme has a lot of similarities in terms of menus, header, footer, and typography. For example, if you want to change the color of your heading, just go to the Typography menu, select your header, and the colour you want. It will change automatically.

When you are done with all your settings, click Publish and all the changes will be saved. There are plenty of other options under the Customise menu on your page. You just need to discover more and don’t be afraid to play around with it. The more you explore, the better your website will be.

Last but not least, take note of the previewing options. There are two different dimensions: A smaller one for tablet or smartphone and the regular dashboard size preview. Make sure you check both the previewing dimensions to check if it looks responsive and appealing on both.

Happy exploring guys!


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